Hamilton Movie–Original Letters from the Burr-Hamilton Duel

The Pulitzer Prize winning Broadway sensation Hamilton, along with the recently released Disney film version, has sparked renewed interest in historical figures Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr. Interview in Weehawken: The Burr-Hamilton Duel as Told in the Original Documents, first published in 1960, is a closely annotated thread of documents that provides a riveting account of the lead-up to and aftermath of their disastrous duel.

On July 11, 1804, Alexander Hamilton was mortally wounded by Aaron Burr in a wooden pistol duel that was the culmination of years of personal and political conflict. Hamilton succumbed to his wounds on July 12th. The incident helped to further legislation banning duels, and Burr was indicted for murder in the states of New York and New Jersey. Charges were dropped.

Starting in the summer of 1804, the fiery correspondence between Hamilton and Burr, notes and accounts from their seconds-in-command, and other documents that provide an immediate sense of the personalities and times are included in this richly researched book.

Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr

Plaque commemorating the fateful duel.

The introduction and conclusion to the documents provide an interesting synopsis of the parallel lives of Hamilton and Burr, as well as an explanation of the duel’s lasting impacts on American history. This is the perfect summary of the events that inspired the hit musical—a great resource for teachers and students and the perfect gift for history buffs and fans of the musical.

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