Wesleyan University Press Partners with HFS

Hopkins Fulfillment Services (HFS), a print and e-book distributor for university presses and non-profit institutions, will begin providing distribution services for Wesleyan University Press in January 2019.

“We’ve long been impressed with Wesleyan University Press’s reputation and award-winning work in the arts and humanities,” says Davida Breier, HFS Manager. “As a publisher and distributor, as well as a member of the university press community, we use our unique perspective to tailor our services for academic publishers. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach and we work with each of our clients to help develop and grow their publishing programs. We’re delighted to work with Wesleyan and look forward to lending our support to their illustrious publishing program.”

Publishing in its current form since 1957, Wesleyan University Press has an editorial program that focuses on poetry, music, dance, science fiction studies, film-TV, and Connecticut history and culture. Its internationally renowned poetry series has collected five Pulitzer Prizes, a Bollingen, and two National Book Awards. “Wesleyan welcomes HFS’s expertise in academic publishing. We look forward to working with their team to further strengthen our publishing program,” said Suzanna Tamminen, Director and Editor in Chief, at Wesleyan University Press.

About Wesleyan University Press: The mission of Wesleyan University Press is to develop and maintain a sound and vigorous publishing program that serves the academic ends and intellectual life of the University.

About HFS: Since 1977 HFS has provided distribution services for a distinguished list of university presses and nonprofit institutions. HFS represents Catholic University of America Press, Family Development Press (1/19), Georgetown University Press, Johns Hopkins University Press, Maryland Historical Society, University of Massachusetts Press, University of New Orleans Press, University of South Carolina Press (11/18), University of Washington Press, University Press of Kentucky, and Wesleyan University Press (1/19). HFS is a division of Johns Hopkins University Press.

Stephanie Elliott Prieto, Publicist, Wesleyan University Press,
selliott@wesleyan.edu, 860-685-7723

Davida G. Breier, Manager, HFS, dgb@press.jhu.edu, 410-516-6961


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