Don’t miss Tan Lin at the Asian American Literary Festival

Sunday, November 7th, 2PM
Powerhouse Arena (Ground Floor), DUMBO
37 Main St.
Brooklyn, NY

“Internet Auteur”
So you may use the Internet just to procrastinate, flirt and google-stalk, but the web remains a frontier where the mores on authorship, ownership and privacy are still being written and can change at any moment. Three innovative writers discuss the way the Internet is rewriting what it means to be both an author and a person. We start with a reading by infant terrible Tao Lin, the harbinger of the Internet generation of Twenty-First Century American letters–he’s been likened to Mayakovsky scribbling via text message. Then, Columbia Law Professor Tim Wu–the theorist of “net neutrality,” the principle that advocates an Internet without restrictions–discusses The Master Switch, his play-by-play about how corporations have controlled American communications media. Arianna Huffington calls the book “A must-read for all Americans who want to remain the ones deciding what they can read, watch, and listen to.” He’ll be joined in conversation with avant-garde poet Tan Lin, whose eleven new collections are available for free download and appropriate online detritus: YouTube, Chinese-English translators, and copied-and-pasted blurbs describing other books.