Congratulations to our first “Spells” poetry challenge winner!

Congratulations Carolyn Gage, of Maine. Winner of the first round of our “Spells” writing challenge, with winning poems selected by Annie Finch. We will post three more prompts in the coming weeks. The current prompt can be found here. Enter to win a copy of Annie Finch’s Spells: New and Selected Poems.

Ms. Gage submitted a series of poems, 13 Songs Inspired by Sappho. Using a selection of Sappho’s fragments as a launching point, she created a series of vivid love poems. Here is a sample: 

Fragment 168C

                      “spangled is
the earth with her crowns” 

Delicate white flowers,
Like shy girls,
Twine themselves together,
Hang back,
Their faces bold with innocence.

The dandelions take the field –
Small, gold explosions
In grassy nebulae


But why sing of these?
You are not here, and whose hair shall I wind with these garlands?

♥   ♥   ♥

Carolyn Gage is the author of The Second Coming of Joan of Arc and Selected Plays, winner of a National Lambda Literary Award in Drama.